Tutorial: Installing 64Studio On a MacBook Pro

These instructions are for people with an early 2008 MacBook Pro. It is more than likely that these instructions will work for most other intel Macs. You cannot install linux on PPC based Macs as far as I know. This guide assumes a fresh install of OSX 10.5.

  1. Download 64Studio
  2. Install rEFIt. You can get it HERE
  3. Launch the Boot Camp Assistant. It is located in /Applications/Utilities and follow the onscreen instructions
  4. When you get to this screen Choose the amount of space you would like to set aside for your linux partition. I recommend at least 10GB to allow yourself some wiggle room.bootcamp2
  5. On the next screen choose ‘Quit & Install Later’bootcamp3
  6. Reboot. You will be greeted with the new rEFIt screen. Select the icon with the CD to boot from the disc.
  7. **IMPORTANT. For the macbook pro there is a glitch with the 64studio installer. I’ve found that you have to repeatedly tap enter until you see the Ubuntu splashscreen. Otherwise you will lose keyboard functionality and won’t be able to continue. Alternately you can just plug in an external keyboard and proceed with set-up that way.
  8. Follow the instructions for setting up your location and keyboard.
  9. When you get to the partition set-up specify manual set-up.
  10. Delete the bootcamp partition and create a new swap and / partition. The swap partition should be no larger than 4GB.
  11. Proceed with the rest of the installation following instructions on screen.
  12. When the installation is complete you will be asked to reboot.
  13. When the rEFIt screen comes up again you will have to select the partion tool and syncronize your linux and OSX partition tables.
  14. **IMPORTANT** After synchronizing partition tables with rEFIt you will need to boot OS X BEFORE you will be able to boot linux. This is another mac-specific quirk.

~ by contractcooker on March 25, 2009.

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